Structures LOD200

This set of plugins contains more than 50 popular types of structures (e.g. trusses, braces and frames). The scope of application is:

  • Creating analysis and design models
  • Conceptual design of steel members
  • Preliminary evaluation of metal consumption
  • Creating models for business proposals

Rebar Plugins

These plugins were designed to frame the edges of most complex reinforced concrete structures. The plugin algorithm can create shear U-bars, stirrups, 4 types of longitudinal bars, as well as diagonal bars in corners. Flexible user settings of the plugin make it possible to frame edges most complex reinforced concrete structures.

KeyGenerator - plugin to create device key 

Detailed instruction inside:

  • Download and install as_KeyGenerator plugin
  • Create keys
  • Send to e-mail:

SaprApps - online application service

After the installation you can buy and use online licenses of our unique applications to automate routine work:

We invite developers to cooperate. It is possible to publish and promote your features on the SaprApps platform.

SpaceGenerator - any warehouse (design + model) by a few clicks

SpaceGenerator v.1.0 a few clicks for:

RFEM Scheme → Loads → Combinations → Design → Selection of cross-sections → Verification and Recalculation → Marking items → Export to Tekla (geometry + results) → Connections → Drawings